Voluntary registration walkthrough

Providing a plan of your property boundaries

The land register shows property ownership on an Ordnance Survey map. We need you to provide us with a plan showing precise details of your property boundaries, or a deed with a suitable plan or written description that fully identifies the extent of your property. Then we can define exactly what you own on the land register map.

Do you already have a suitable property plan?

If you have a property plan, you can use our plans report service to determine whether it meets the criteria for registration and check our quick reference guide for new plan requirements.

If you don’t have a plan that meets RoS criteria, you must get a property plan drawn up. You can use our plan assistance service to prepare a plan suitable for registration, and to interpret your title deeds if necessary. Services similar to Registers of Scotland’s plan assistance service are also available from other providers.

Some rights and burdens should also be included on your plan. See step 4: Rights and burdens.

You can submit your plan electronically as long as it complies with our digital data guidelines.


The boundaries of the property you register must not overlap with an existing registered title, or we will reject the application.

If you come across an overlap, you may decide to:

  1. deal with the overlap before submitting your application for registration
  2. limit your application to exclude the overlap, or
  3. limit your application to exclude the overlap and deal with it later

If you decide to have the overlapping area removed from the existing registered title before you apply for registration, you will need to either obtain the area from the holder of that title, or request a rectification. If you choose instead to request a rectification after submitting your application, and the rectification is accepted, you’ll have to apply separately to register the rectified area.

For detailed guidance about property boundaries for a voluntary registration, read voluntary registration-specific criteria.