Payment of fees

This guidance covers the payment of fees associated with our registers.

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Land and property registration

When you apply to record a deed in the General Register of Sasines or the Land Register of Scotland you’ll need to submit the appropriate payment with your application.

You can pay by:

  • direct debit
  • cheque made payable to Registers of Scotland

No VAT is payable on registration services.

View a rundown of our registration fees.

Advance notices

Payment of advance notice fees will depend on the registration type.

Advance notices on first registrations or transfers of part can be paid by your usual payment method, either direct debit or cheque. Advance notices for dealings of whole must be paid by direct debit.


All our other services are post-paid. When you request these services, we’ll send you an invoice. You can pay by:

  • credit card
  • debit card
  • cheque made payable to Registers of Scotland

If you have a FAS account, you can also pay by direct debit or direct credit.

All invoices are due for payment 30 days from issue, apart from ScotLIS invoices, which are due for payment 14 days from issue.

VAT is payable on non-registration services, including ScotLIS.

View a rundown of our services fees.

FAS accounts

If you regularly use our services, you should request a FAS account. FAS accounts are used by RoS to record financial transactions between us and our customers.

FAS account benefits include:

  • monthly statements highlighting outstanding invoices
  • more payment methods accepted
  • an account manager assigned to assist you with any questions or issues

If your business has more than one office, you’ll need to set up a unique FAS number for each site. You can still use a single bank account and direct debit instruction, but you must tell us which FAS numbers you wish to be associated with a completed bank direct debit form.

Your request for a FAS number can be emailed to and should include:

  • contact name
  • contact telephone number
  • email address for statements

All firms' FAS accounts will be automatically enabled for invoice services but only those that are Solicitors with a practising certificate from the Law Society of Scotland, Public Bodies or Financial Institutes will have the account enabled for Land Register and Sasine Register registrations. (Firms that employ in-house solicitors who meet this criteria will also have their account enabled).

You can also request by post to:

Credit control room
Meadowbank House
153 London Road

Or by business post to:

DX555400, Edin 15

Direct debit forms

Ensure you fill out both the bank form and required information form for direct debit.


Direct debit bank form for pre-payment (PDF, 517KB)

Required information form for pre-payment (PDF, 1.1MB)

Terms and conditions for pre-payment (.doc, 54KB)


Direct debit bank form for post-payment (PDF, 460KB)

Required information form for post-payment (PDF, 1.1MB)

Terms and conditions for post-payment (PDF, 251KB)


Direct debit bank form for ScotLIS (PDF, 45KB)

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