Services fees

This guidance outlines our fees for searches and extracts from our registers.

VAT is payable on all of our services fees.

Find out more about payment of fees.

Searching the registers

You can search the land register for free to:

  • find property prices
  • view property boundaries on a map
  • check if a property is on the land register

If you can't find your property on the land register, you can ask us to conduct a search.

We charge an initial fee of £30 plus VAT per request to include one plain copy deed, or nil return.

This initial fee applies only where there is a full postal address, including postcode.

Should you wish to order any additional copy deeds identified, you can order these at a cost of £25 plus VAT each.

We’ll let you know the cost of all identified deeds before we complete your search.

Non-addressable search information

You can use our land title investigation service to request a search for areas of non-addressable land or property.

Investigations are charged at £60 + VAT per area outlined.

If there are more than three titles within the area submitted, RoS charge an additional fee of £54 + vat per hour, we will get in touch before proceeding if this is the case.

You can also search the following registers for free:

Copies of documents

You can order documents from our registers.

Find out more about extracts, certified copies and plain copies of documents in our register.

Plain copies

A plain copy is a copy of any document within our registers. It does not carry the evidential status required for court purposes.

Land Register of Scotland £25 plus VAT
General Register of Sasines £25 plus VAT
Books of Council and Session £25 plus VAT
Register of Inhibitions £25 plus VAT

Certified copies

You can request certified copies of documents in the Land Register of Scotland, when the deed requested is still undergoing the process of registration. These copies also have evidential status.

Certified copies cost £35 plus VAT.


Extracts are copies of documents from our registers that carry evidential status for court purposes.

Land Register of Scotland £35 plus VAT
General Register of Sasines £35 plus VAT
Register of Deeds£35 plus VAT
Register of Judgments£35 plus VAT
Register of Protests£35 plus VAT

Duplicate plans

If you are ordering a duplicate plan, there is no extra charge if the plan is held within RoS.

If the plan is held by a third party, there may be an additional charge of £10 or £15+VAT.

The charge is per plan and will depend on size.


You will need to register for access to purchase a report.

Report typeFee
PRR06: plans report, level 1 £65 plus VAT
PRR04: plans report, level 2 £80 plus VAT
PRR05: plans report, level 3 £95 plus VAT
PRR07: plans continuation report Free

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