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Advance notices

An advance notice provides protection for a deed intended to be registered in the Land Register.

Amalgamation of titles

In some circumstances we can bring multiple title sheets together into a single title.

Arbitral awards

Plots awarded through arbitration are sometimes capable of registration on the land register.

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax

You'll need to pay this tax before your property can be registered.

Land register application types

How to decide which land register application type to submit to RoS

Land registration process

A guide to how we process applications for registration, including the checks we make at each stage.


We have a duty to notify certain people in certain situations.

Plan assistance service

The plan assistance service (PAS) has been withdrawn.

Prescriptive claimants

Circumstances and evidence required for the registration of a disposition a non domino.

Registrable deeds

A list of registrable deeds, with guidance on what to do if your deed's not on the list.

Registration fees

What we charge for registration in our land and property registers.


We provide mapping and legal reports to give you additional assurance in your transactions.

Sasine application form

A step-by-step guide to completing the sasine register application form.

Standard securities and the sasine register

How to submit an application when a new standard security is granted on a property in the sasine register.

Transitional provisions

Provisions governing the changes to Scotland's land registration system under the 2012 Act.


Warranty over registered titles can be subject to exclusions, extensions and variations.

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