We provide a range of reports to give sellers, purchasers and lenders additional assurance in property transactions.

Our reports can identify potential issues with your plot before you begin the registration process, reducing the likelihood of your application’s rejection.

Prices depend on the level of information you require.

Apply for reports online through our portal. We process applications within 48 hours. Once your application is complete you’ll be able to view, save and print your reports for up to one year.

What they do

The range of reports provides options, depending on the circumstances of the particular transaction, to identify potential issues prior to registration and reduce the likelihood of rejection when the application is submitted for registration. They give you and your client reassurance that the person you are transacting with has title and is not affected by an entry in the Register of Inhibitions (ROI).

What they cost

Savings can be made by ordering combined legal and plans reports.

All reports now include a free continuation report that can be ordered anytime within six months of the initial report. Legal reports can be followed up with multiple continuation reports within the six months period for an additional fee.

We will continue to offer a diary service allowing you to request a specific date for the completion of a report, or continuation report, otherwise reports will be completed within 48 hours of receipt.

Our range of reports

Legal report – unregistered land

The legal report for unregistered land precedes applications for first registration.

Cost £55

Legal report – registered land

This new legal report precedes applications for registration of registered subjects. Details of extant advance notices and caveats will also be disclosed.

Cost £50

Legal report - continuation

This report provides an update on either of the previously issued legal reports. Available for a period of 6 months from the date of the original report. No further fee is required for the first continuation report requested.

Cost £25 (for each continuation report after the first)

Plans report - level 1

This new plans report provides a basic comparison with the cadastral map to identify any conflicts with existing cadastral units prior to submission of an application for first registration. This will significantly reduce the risk of rejection of an application for registration.

Cost £35

Plans report - level 2

This report is the new standard report that precedes applications for first registration. This report confirms whether or not the subjects can be identified and advises whether the boundaries correspond with the physical features as defined on the ordnance survey map. This report also checks the suitability of the title description or plan for registration purposes, discloses whether the title to the subjects is affected by any registered title, such as a lease, and shows any competition with existing registered titles. This report is most suitable where the whole property is owned exclusively, rather than for properties with shared areas.

Cost £45

Plans report - level 3

This report is an enhanced plans report available prior to an application for first registration. In addition to the information included with the level 2 plans report, this identifies conflicts with existing cadastral units and provides an illustrative print showing the extent of the competition. It also discloses relevant information, including servitudes/burdens and other registered interests such as minerals.

Cost £55

Combined legal and plans - level 1

A combined legal and basic plans report for unregistered properties - offering the customer a cost saving on both reports.

Cost £85

Combined legal and plans - level 2

A combined plans and legal report for unregistered properties - offering the customer more detail than level 1 reports and a cost saving on both reports.

Cost £95

Combined legal and plans - level 3

A combined enhanced plans and legal report for unregistered properties - offering the customer a cost saving on both reports.

Cost £100

Ordering reports

All reports are available digitally through the RoS portal by completing the relevant fields of the appropriate form. For our plans reports a full bounding description of the plot and/or an upload of a PDF of the plan will be required.

If it is not possible to upload a PDF of the plan, a paper copy can be sent by post.

We will advise you if there are any easily corrected errors in the application, which will provide you an opportunity to submit all appropriate information, enabling the report to be completed.

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