Plans Report Submission checklist

Pre Submission of Plans Report

Examine all relevant title deeds to identify the subjects; check for:

  • additional subjects
  • alienations
  • contract of Excambion etc.

Examine the descriptive deed:

  • is there a plan or full bounding description or does it refer to prior writs?
  • if there are references on the plan are they clear, not in black and white and fully defined?
  • if a flat is there a valid description, (floor level and location) are there any exclusive or common areas that require a new deed plan?

Check the property on ScotLIS:


Provide the full postal address and postcode. If no postcode is available provide sufficient information to identify the location of the subjects.

Subjects must be identifiable in relation to the Ordnance Survey map.

Ensure all documents / attachments included.

Scan the full descriptive deeds not just the plan. Check the quality to ensure all references are identifiable.

Provide a clear instruction with reference to all scanned deeds and plans.

For a Plans Report to be carried out there needs to be clear and unambiguous instruction as to the extents to be compared.

Any deed plan that has been submitted fully explain what all the references represent:

  • exclusive ownership
  • leasehold interest
  • rights in common
  • pro indiviso shares
  • servitude rights of access (burdened and benefited) etc.

If digital data is being submitted, upload this through the portal using preferred formats.

We encourage you to submit requests for Plans Reports well ahead of any deadlines so you have time to identify and resolve any issues.

RoS offers a free continuation report for up to six months after the original plans report was purchased.

This service is intended to provide greater certainty for our customers closer to the final transaction date.


If the report is over a Deed of Servitude this will be completed as a Level 1 plans report.

Any issues/errors with the PDF attachment(s) when using the portal should be flagged up prior to submission through

For further support contact:


Phone:0131 479 3683

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