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Application forms for crofting

Application forms and guidance for mapping and registration in the Crofting Register.

Community applications

The benefits of making a community application in the Crofting Register.

Crofting and the land register

Areas in which crofting tenure may be relevant to land registration.

Crofting Register rectification

Circumstances and processes for amending mistakes in the Crofting Register.

OS map extracts and plans

How to order and use an Ordnance Survey map to create a plan suitable for registration in the Crofting Register.

Prepare a croft plan

A detailed overview of how to prepare a plan suitable for registration in the Crofting Register.

Register a croft

A guide to every step of the croft registration process, from plans and forms to challenges and amendments.

Register a deemed croft

Circumstances in which an area of land is deemed a croft in its own right.

Who should register, and when

Find out who's responsible for the registration of a croft, and when they should register.

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