Sasine index cards

Sasine index cards are historical search records. They can help you find an item in the General Register of Sasines.

People often use the cards to research the previous owners of an old property.

The sasine index cards are in .tiff format and sorted into folders by county.

Conditions of use

Downloading the sasine index cards indicates acceptance of the following terms of use.

  • We collated the data in the sasine index cards in the past for use by our staff
  • We stopped updating the cards between 1992 - 1997 dependent on county or district
  • If a card remains on file, this information is correct up to the note indicating when the cards were last updated
  • The data is not an official record compiled under any of our statutory functions
  • We offer the information as an aid to searching free of charge and in good faith
  • We accept no liability at common law for the accuracy or currency of the information
  • Users must regard the information given as indicative, rather than definitive
  • The information from the cards is made available from an imaged archive
  • We can’t take any enquiries on the content or quality of an image

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