Mapping requirements

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Assembling large title plans

A step-by-step guide to piecing together a large title plan from A4 printouts.

Common areas: mapping requirements

Common areas sometimes can’t be mapped due to vague descriptions in prior deeds.

Deed plan criteria

Advice, requirements and examples to help you create a plan for your deed.

Digital data

Guidelines for including digital data in your application for registration, including file formats and labelling.

Encumbrances and the cadastral map

We sometimes require applicants to show the extent of an encumbrance on the cadastral map.

Extent of plot

Deeds must sufficiently describe the plot for us to delineate its boundaries on the cadastral map.

Mapping conventions

We use a range of colour references and conventions when we map plots.

Natural water boundaries

Boundaries formed by natural water features are liable to movement over time.

New plan requirements

A quick reference guide listing the 7 key requirements for creating new plans for property registration.

Seabed and land covered by water

Registration requirements for territorial seabed and other land covered by water.

Shared and sharing plots

Shared plots have separate title sheets and cadastral units from principal, or sharing plots.

Tenements and other flatted buildings

Tenements are a limited exception to the ‘no registration without mapping’ rule.

The cadastral map

The cadastral map shows the totality of registered real rights in land in Scotland.

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