Information needed to make an RCI entry

Information needed for a recorded person

For the owner or tenant of the land, known as the recorded person RCI needs the following information.

Information needed about the land

For land, RCI requires information about the land. Land includes buildings and other structures.

RCI needs the following information about the land being added to the register.

If you don’t know whether the land is on the land register or not, check Scotland's Land Information Service (ScotLIS) or seek professional advice.

Ownership details

As well as information on where the land is located and if it’s on the land register or not, RCI requires information about how land is owned or tenanted on a registered or recorded lease of more than 20 years.

Information needed for this is:

  • if the recorded person is the owner of the land or a tenant
  • if the recorded person is an overseas entity or a partnership
  • if the recorded person is an individual who has contractual or other arrangements with associates
  • if the recorded person owns or tenants the land on behalf of a partnership, a trust, or an unincorporated body and the name of the partnership, trust, or unincorporated body

Trusts and unincorporated bodies

If the recorded person needs to register in RCI because all trustees of the trust or office bearers of unincorporated bodies named as owner or tenant have ceased to be trustees or office bearers, they should provide a statement to that effect. This situation arises because of regulation 23A.  Guidance on this situation can be found in the recorded person, trusts, and unincorporated bodies articles.

Information needed of an associate

RCI requires information about those that have significant influence or control of the land, or in the case of unincorporated bodies, general control or management of the land. They are known as associates. RCI requires the following information.

Where an associate has more than one association with a recorded person the associate is only required to be added as an associate once.

Verification of associate details before submission

Verifying an associate's details before making a submission is required as part of the RCI regulations. The recorded person can do this using any method they choose.

To help do this, we have created an optional form. The form will allow the recorded person to add the associate's details and verify their accuracy with the associate.

Download the Pre-submission associate verification notice

Where the recorded person is unable to obtain or verify the accuracy of the associate’s details, after taking reasonable steps to do so. They can give notice to that effect with their RCI submission.

It is important that the information being submitted to the RCI is considered carefully before it is submitted.  It is an offence to submit false or misleading information. More information on offences can be found in the offences article.

Accessing RCI

You can create or update entries in RCI on the RCI website.

More information on creating an account can be found in the how to create an account article.

How to create an entry

The following video shows a demo of creating an entry in RCI.

A subtitle option is available. If you require this video in another format please contact us with your preferences.

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