Application form guide

This guidance provides step-by-step information to help you fill out the land register application form.

It takes account of amendments RoS has made to the application form, brought about by legislation change that allows RoS to amend and respond to changing customer, business and technological needs and developments.

Please note that -

  • If you have started to populate the eform before the implementation date of the new application form, but do not generate the PDF until after this date, the Title information, Burdens and Servitudes questions will be automatically removed and users will need to complete the new versions of these questions. The PDF will then be generated as the new form, which will not require signing.
  • If you have already generated the PDF prior to the implementation date, or if you have not updated your case management solution with the application form changes, we will accept that 'old style' form for a limited transitional period of 3 months, and this will not require signing.
  • Any Sasine Application Forms (SAFs) are unaffected by the new legislation and will still require to be signed

Use this guidance when you’re filling in the land register application form. It applies to both paper and electronic application forms.

Under the one-shot rule, we reject applications with errors or omissions, so it’s important to make sure your application satisfies the requirements.

You can find the electronic application form at our online services portal.

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If you don't have an online services login, you can download PDF forms from our website.

This guidance should be used in conjunction with:

View an example application form to use as reference.

Unless the context states otherwise, any reference to a section of an Act in this guidance refers to a section of the 2012 Act.

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