List of registrable deeds

The Keeper is satisfied that the following deeds are registrable in terms of section 49 of the Act:

Agreement (Nature Conservancy)

Ancient monuments – schedule entry

Assignation and variation of lease

Assignation of lease

Assignation of standard security

Certificate granted by a private rented housing committee

Certificate of consignation

Certificate of exclusion of monuments

Charging order, HASSASSAA

Charging order (Repayment charge)

Compulsory purchase order

Contract of excambion

Countryside management agreement

Decree of adjudication in execution

Decree of adjudication in implement

Decree of reduction of voidable deed

Deed of conditions

Deed of variation of community burdens

Deed of real burdens

Deed of restriction

Deed of servitude

Determination discharging good neighbour agreement

Determination modifying good neighbour agreement

Determination discharging planning obligation

Determination modifying planning obligation

Development management scheme (deed of application)

Disapplication of development management scheme

Discharge of bond

Discharge of burdens

Discharge of charging order (Repayment charge)

Discharge of charging order, HASSASSAA

Discharge of community burdens

Discharge of ex facie absolute conveyance

Discharge of liferent (NB: please choose “Renunciation of liferent” when using eForm)

Discharge of repayment charge (Registered social landlords)

Discharge of repayment order

Discharge of servitude

Discharge of standard security


Disposition and discharge of servitude

Disposition and grant of servitude

Disposition reserving liferent interest

Disposition incorporating deed of conditions

Extract decree of foreclosure

Extract decree of irritancy of lease

Forestry dedication agreement

General vesting declaration

Good neighbour agreements

Guardianship order (incapacity)

Intervention order under the adults with incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000

Lands tribunal order (in respect of variation etc. Of title conditions etc.)

Lands tribunal order in respect of development management scheme


Liferent (deed creating)

Maintenance order

Maintenance plan

Management agreement

Minute of extension of lease

Nature conservation order

Notice of Cessation of Conditions of Grant under the Croft House Grant (Scotland) Regulations 2016

Notice of cessor of improvement grant

Notice of cessor of repairs grant

Notice of Conditions of Grant under the Croft House Grant (Scotland) Regulations 2016

Notice of conversion – see FAQ on Long Leases (Scotland) Act 2012

Notice of decision to vary or revoke a repairing standard enforcement order

Notice of Discharge under the Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003

Notice of Discharge under the Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004

Notice of liability for costs (Tenements (Scotland) Act)

Notice of liability for costs (Title Conditions (Scotland) Act)

Notice of payment of grant, sect 84 (1) Housing (Scotland) Act 2006

Notice of payment of loan

Notice of revocation of a maintenance plan

Notice of termination

Notice of title

Order for rectification of defectively expressed document

Partial assignation of lease

Partial assignation of standard security

Partial discharge

Ranking agreement

Receipt (under Industrial and Provident Societies Act)

Renunciation of lease

Renunciation of liferent

Repayment charge (Registered social landlords)

Section 32 agreement, Enterprise and New Towns (Scotland) Act 1990

Section 75 agreement, Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997

Shifting boundary agreement

Standard security

Statutory conveyance

Stopping up order


Tree preservation order

Undertaking not to exercise Pre-emption

Unilateral obligations (Section 75 (1)(b) of Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 as amended)

Variation of development management scheme

Variation of lease

Variation of servitude

Variation of standard security

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