Land registration process

Post-intake plans examination

Timeline: Determined by categorisation

Our plans officers will examine your deeds and plans and compare the boundaries to the cadastral map and existing registrations.

If your deeds and plans are suitable, we’ll create a cadastral map entry.

Checks at this stage

The application contains enough information to allow us to create an entry in the cadastral map, including any deed for extent such as the descriptive or breakaway deed

The plan or description is capable of being mapped - it must:

  • provide sufficient surrounding detail (is not a floating shape)
  • have clearly identifiable references and is not presented in monochrome
  • be set to the appropriate scale
  • be of satisfactory quality

The tenement steading and common areas are capable of being mapped:

  • the application contains sufficient information to identify the tenement steading extent, if we don't already hold an extent
  • any common areas are capable of being mapped