Land registration process

Pre-intake examination

Timescale: one day

Once you’ve submitted your application, our intake officers will load it onto our systems and complete an initial examination.

If your application passes these basic checks, we’ll send you an email notification containing a title and application number.

Checks at this stage

The application form is completed fully and correctly, including:

The correct registration fee has been paid.

There's enough information submitted to allow the creation of the title sheet and cadastral map entries, ie. the deed that induces registration and all other relevant deeds.

The deed is valid:

  • it's properly drawn or executed
  • the granter has title or capacity to grant the deed
  • the granted and grantee are named and designed
  • the deed contains present tense operatives, such as 'I hereby dispone'
  • the granter has signed the deed and any annexed plan or schedule
  • the question on the form relating to links in title is answered appropriately
  • new real burdens or servitudes are validly created

The deed is probative or self-evidencing:

  • the witness has signed the deed
  • the witness is named and designed in the deed
  • for companies, the deed specifies whether a signatory is a witness, director, secretary or authorised person

Registration is not prohibited by another piece of legislation:

The deed narrates the title number of each title sheet it relates to:

  • the body of the deed narrates the title numbers affected by the application
  • the title numbers narrated are correct