Do I need to register?

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About the register

Find out more about the RCI. 2 minute read.

Do I need to make an entry in the RCI?

Find out if you need to register in the RCI. 9 minute read.

Controlling interest

Learn about 'controlling interest' and how those people with a controlling interest can influence decisions concerning land or property. 3 minute read.

About associates

Find out about associates, how their influence on land or property held by the recorded person determines them as an associate and their duties. 4 minute read.

About recorded persons

Find out about recorded persons, check who could be a recorded person for land or property and their duties in the RCI. 6 minute read.

Transparency regimes

You may not have to register in RCI if you are subject to certain transparency regimes. Find out more in this article. 3 minute read.

Updating a land register title

You may not have to register in RCI if you are a trust or unincorporated body and you update your land register title. 3 minute read.

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