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1 April 2024 - RCI compliance deadline

Submissions will continue to be accepted after the deadline.

RCI is a RoS register, required by law, that was launched on 1 April 2022. It is free to submit and free to search.

The register shows who controls the decisions of owners or tenants (for more than 20 years) of land and property in Scotland, where this information may not be publicly transparent elsewhere.

In trying to find out information about land, it may not be clear who makes the decisions about land and property. The land register and the sasines register may not show this information. This can make contacting the correct people difficult.

For example:

If someone wanted to contact an owner or tenant about a piece of land, they could try to find this information from the land register or sasines register.

This will give details of the owner or tenant of the land but not details of who can significantly influence or control their decisions about that land.

RCI will help by showing those that influence or make decisions about land and property and their contact address.

Scottish Parliament have approved an extension of the submission deadline from 1 April 2023 to 1 April 2024. For more information visit the Scottish Government website. For more information on how this change relates to making a submission visit our FAQ page.

Responsibility for RCI

The Keeper of the Registers of Scotland (RoS) is responsible for establishing and maintaining RCI as a legal register.

This includes making sure the information supplied is entered into the register according to the regulations.

Guidance and support

Before accessing the RCI service, it is important to check the guidance. This gives information on who should register and who is exempt; information needed to create an entry and how to update an RCI entry.

In the help and support section, our online support tool will help provide you with an indication as to whether or not you are in scope of RCI as a recorded person.

Once you have read the guidance and if you are in scope to submit, you can create an RCI account and update entries on the RCI service. You can also access the service to search the details in the register that have been published.

Please ensure you read our guidance before making a submission.

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