Notification to the keeper by the Crofting Commission following approval of a regulatory decision

These notes relate to the completion of Form G (notification to the Keeper by the Commission following approval of a regulatory decision).

All fields relevant to the submission of this application must be completed. Failure to provide the required information could result in the application being returned, causing an avoidable delay to the consideration of the matters with which it is concerned.

Section 10(3) of the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 requires the Keeper to amend the Crofting Register in the event that a regulatory application that 'triggered' a requirement to register the croft in question is granted. An example of this is where a regulatory application to enlarge a croft has been agreed, in which case the register will be amended accordingly.

Applicants who are applying for a regulatory application in relation to enlargement, exchange, assignation, resumption, consent to letting or apportionment of a common grazing must notify the Commission within three months of the application being granted that the change to the croft has taken effect. Failure to notify the Commission within this period will mean that the regulatory activity will be considered not to have taken effect.

Once notified, the Commission must notify the Keeper to enable the registration details for that croft to be updated.

If the regulatory application is for division or decrofting, the Commission will notify the Keeper that the application has been granted and the Keeper will amend the Register.

If the application is to decroft and the crofter intends to acquire the land in question, the crofter must notify the Commission when the land has been acquired. The Keeper will amend the Register without the need for a separate application in each case.

The application form

Form G (PDF, 812KB)

Note 1 - croft description

The Crofting Register Croft Number, the Croft Name, Township and the Parish in which the croft is situated must be inserted.

Note 2 - notification of the required change

This section of the form is to be used to provide details of the regulatory decision affecting the croft. If required, a plan may be used to illustrate the nature and effect of this change.

Any plan used to illustrate the nature and effect of the regulatory decision in relation to the croft and the information that is held on the Crofting Register must comply with the mapping criteria set out in Registers of Scotland's guidance document ‘Crofting Register Application Plan Criteria: A guide for preparation of plans for applications to the Crofting Register'

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