Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) overview

The Register of Deeds accepts electronic documents signed by a qualified electronic signature (QES) (subject to limited exceptions) through digital submission.

You can also submit mixed format deeds. If you have a single application that comprises a collection of both wet signed documents and QES signed documents (such as missives or counterpart documents), you must submit the QES signed document first and you will be able to print a confirmation page to submit by post with the wet signed document.

The application form for this service is available once you logon to your online services account. If you do not have access to this application, please contact customerservices@ros.gov.uk.

After you have submitted your application with QES uploads and we have received your wet signed documents we will review your application.

If we need to get in touch for any further information, we’ll contact you via the email address provided in the application.


For now, it will not be possible to submit the following deed types as electronic documents:

  • Deeds which require joint recording in the Land Register or Register of Sasines, as these registers are not yet open to electronic documents.
  • Wills, testamentary trust disposition and settlements, and codicils, as Part 3 of the Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995 (electronic documents) has not yet been commenced for these deed types.

Digital Extracts

Extracts of deeds submitted for registration as electronic documents signed by QES or a mixed format will be issued in electronic format by default, with the requested extract being sent to our customers via a nominated email address. Extracts will feature digital seals and a digital certificate to guarantee authenticity, carrying the same legal standing as the traditional hard-copy extract. You will receive one digital extract per registration, and you can forward this to multiple recipients without affecting the digital certificate.

Digital extracts are not yet available for original paper hard-copy deeds submitted for Register of Deeds.


Invoicing will remain as normal and paper invoices will be sent out in the post, shortly after registration.

Law Society Scotland guidance

The Law Society Scotland have excellent guidance on the use of electronic signatures.

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