End of QES process

How will invoicing and fees work?

Invoicing will remain as normal for Register of Deeds and paper invoices will be sent out in the post, we aim to make this a digital process in the future.

Registration fees for QES deed, and fees for the provision of digital extracts, are set by the current Fee Order, which makes no distinction between paper and electronic deeds/extracts. As such, fees will remain the same across paper and digital for now, but will be subject to review in the future.

What will the digital extract look like?

Our digital extracts will look much like paper extracts, with flysheets, headings, stamps, signatures and warrants for execution added by RoS all appearing as normal. There will be some differences. To provide the required information about the parties that signed the deed, an extra page will be included at the rear of the extract, showing information relating to each QES used to sign the deed. The extract will have a RoS digital certificate applied to it. This is intended to provide additional authenticity and will show users that the extract originated from RoS, and has not been amended since issue.

Please see an image below of the RoS digital certificate and the final page of the extract showing names, date and time relating to the QES signatures.

When you open the extract there will be a Certified by Registers of Scotland Banner.

Register of Deeds digital certificate

By selecting the signature panel in the banner at the top of the pdf you can review the RoS digital certificate.

Register of deeds extract

As this is a digital extract you will not be able to view the original QES metadata. The Final page of the extract will have the full names of the QES signatures along with the time of signing and the pages the signatures relate to in the extract.

Qualified Electronic Signatures

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