This article will be updated. Full guidance will be made available in future.

This article will explain our procedures around inaccuracies in the RCI including:

  • the keeper’s power to amend the register should the information on the register be inaccurate
  • the appropriate circumstances and procedures to be followed

This power to amend inaccuracies does not replace the duties on the:

  • recorded person to update the information in the register, or
  • associate to inform them when certain events happen which require the information in the register to be updated to reflect that change

A person who fails to comply with these duties, without a reasonable excuse, commits an offence.  More information can be found in the duties article and the updating an RCI entry article.

Questions about the accuracy of information in the register can be referred to the Lands Tribunal for Scotland (LTS).

The keeper does not have the power to create an entry in the register, nor is it her role to do so, where it appears that there is an inaccuracy which is the omission of an entry in the register then the correct route is a referral to the LTS.

It is not appropriate to make an enquiry to the keeper or possible to make a referral to the LTS that the RCI is inaccurate due to the omission of an entry in the register until the two year transitional period to 1 April 2024 for registration has ended.

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