Embedded Title Sheets

Piloting a new title sheet format

RoS is running an ongoing Embedded Title Sheet (ETS) pilot, which involves a small number of Transfer of Part (TP) title sheets. If this pilot continues to perform well, we will consider rolling out ETS more widely.

Rationale for pilot

This ETS pilot aims to speed up TP processing and help reduce open casework, while also presenting title sheet information in a way that better supports our customers’ needs.

Find out more about our Embedded Title Sheets pilot.

TPs affected

The ETS format will not be applied to all TPs. The main exclusions are:

  • large residential developments, including Development Plan Approval developments
  • leases
  • any applications where customers have set out the burdens  they expect to see in the TP title sheet

What an ETS is

An ETS presents textual and cadastral information differently.

In an ETS:

  • The Burdens Section information is divided into numbered Parts.

All Burdens Section entries from the parent title are brought forward to the TP without amendment under an annotated header referencing the Parent Title Number, e.g.:

Image of ETS title sheet

A note  is added at the end of the Part containing the embedded parent title information confirming the date at which the information is correct, e.g.:

Image of a section of an ETS title sheet

Any new title conditions created on registration of the TP, or thereafter, are listed in a subsequent numbered Part under an annotated header referencing the TP title, e.g.:

Section D in a ETS titlesheet

The parent title cadastral map and supplementary data (if any) are incorporated as part of the TP title, e.g.:

Cadastral Map PTH65620

Image of the cadastral map outline

Cadastral Map PTH11385

Outline of an ETS cadastral map

What you’ll receive

An ETS is accessed/delivered in the same way as any other title sheet.

An ETS title sheet will always contain:

  • 1 TP cadastral map and supplementary data (if any)
  • 1 parent title cadastral map and supplementary data (if any)

There is no change in fee.

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