Land registration process

Applications by non-legally qualified persons

There is no legal requirement for an application for registration to be submitted by a solicitor or licensed conveyancer;  the grantee of a deed or the owner of a property can submit the application or they can engage another non-qualified person to do so.

In compiling the land register we rely on the information provided by applicants in support of their application and in this regard  the 2012 Act places a duty on persons making an  application for registration to ensure the register is not rendered inaccurate.

A proprietor who intends to submit their application for first registration without doing so through a legally qualified person, should seek to submit all the relevant deeds including unrecorded links in title and additional evidence of any legal and plans searches or investigations that have been carried out on their behalf with their application.

If you're a non-legally qualified person, you'll need to complete our identification form when you apply to register land or property on our registers. This helps us protect against fraud.

We're here to help

For help or questions about completing an application, or to understand why you've received a rejection, please call our dedicated customer service team on 0800 169 9391.